Sitecore – How to change the default item on the Content Editor view?

A common request I have seen while working with Sitecore, specially when it comes to multi-site implementation is how to change the default item on the Content Editor view.

It’s easy actually. First you need to know that by default the Home item is selected as shown bellow.


The start item is defined on the contentStartItem attribute of the shell site definition. This site definition can be found on the Sitecore.config file located under App_Config. By default the value is “/Home”:

<site name=”shell” rootPath=”/sitecore/content” contentStartItem=”/Home”

Using the example above let’s say that the item NewHome is the one I want to have selected when opening the content editor by default. To do that one might think “well I can just update the file on the Sitecore.config right”?

Yes. But not so fast. Don’t forget that if you go towards that path you will be breaking Sitecore’s upgrade path as this is defined on a Sitecore’s configuration file.  What I would suggest you to do is create a new configuration file and patch that property. If you need to upgrade Sitecore this doesn’t get lost on the upgrade process.

To patch that property just create a new configuration file under the App_Config/Include folder where you can patch that attribute as shown bellow:


That’s it. Open the content editor and you will notice that the default selected item has changed:


To see this post in portuguese click here


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