Sitecore 8.2 has been released. Have you checked it out?

For those Sitecore enthusiasts out there, like myself, I think it’s safe to say that Sitecore’s 8.1 version has delivered great features right? Sitecore has recently released the version 8.2 which does have lots of new cool stuff. Here you can find the release notes for that version.

Here are a couple of ones which to me are really handy! But checkout the whole version which I really recommend.

1- Although it’s not on the release notes Sitecore now supports Nuget packages.  This is really handy for all developers out there that now can reference directly Sitecore’s version through Nuget instead of adding the files directly to your solution(uhu!). Cool right? You can find more information about Sitecore Nuget’s urls here.

This post also explains in more details how you can reference it in your solutions. Interesting reading 🙂

2- Upgrading Sitecore was not necessarily an easy thing to do. But with this new version, Sitecore released an Express Migration tool  (just like regular sitecore installation packages) which allows you to upgrade to the latest release executing an Wizard (just like next -> next -> finish). That is really promising!

As I said these are just a couple of ones which I really liked about. I highly recommend checking it out yourself.

Enjoy Sitecore 8.2!


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