Sitecore Commerce: Adventure works catalog did not get imported. How to do that manually?

If you are working with Sitecore Commerce and you follow the setup guideline you know that it imports the Adventure works catalog into Commerce Server and Sitecore. What if something goes wrong and you need to import it manually?

If you are reading this most likely you ran into the same issue I did recently. The import process happens when you are running the powershell command InitializeCSSite but if you open Commerce server and it’s not showing up here is what you need to do:

1) Open Commerce Server, and on the Catalogs click import.

2) Browse to your Sitecore Website folder and look for the catalog.xml file i.e. C:\myproject\Website\SitecoreCommerce\Data\Catalog\catalog.xml. Once you do that you should be see on the Status View into Commerce Server the following:

3) That’s it. Now if you open Sitecore content Editor and navigate to the Catalogs root (/sitecore/Commerce/Catalog Management/Catalogs) you should see the Adventure Wors Catalog available on the Selected Catalogs field. Clicking the checkbox should make it show under the Catalogs Item as bellow:


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